You use vinegar a great deal in your kitchen and likely the rest of your home, but did you know that it can really help you in the garden as well? Read on to see suggestions!

Animal pest repellents

Your garden isn’t just a feast for you, but also for those critters that love the fresh snacks as well. You likely have come up with several ways to battle the deer, rabbits, cats, dogs, moles and other rodents that want to steal your harvest bounty. But vinegar can really be a help in this as well. The critters don’t like the smell of vinegar. For best effects, soak cloths, rags or old clothes in white vinegar and place around your garden where the critters choose to frequent. You will need to reapply the vinegar about every six to seven days to keep it effective at keeping the critters at bay.

Weed killer

Vinegar, when sprayed directly onto weeds, undiluted, will kill them within a few days. It is quite effective for weed control and has no nasty side effects. This is one way to wage war on those weeds that just keep coming back again and again.

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