When a person begins to consider getting a pet, often the first decision is “dog or cat”. Dogs require more hands on attention, require being able to go in and outside and back again multiple times a day, and need quite a bit of interaction to keep them entertained and happy. Cats on the other hand, are much more self-sufficient. Frankly, they tend to be more of a hands off pet overall, with the perks of snuggles and purring. Cats tend to go from one extreme to another multiple times a day, wanting to smugly look at you from across the room but then being quite affectionate at other times.

But, what you don’t know when you choose a cat, is that while you may see yourself as the head of your household, once you have a cat, the cat really runs the show. You may look at that fuzzy bundle on your lap and think that you are the leader, but in reality, you are the servant of the cat.

You know you belong to a cat if you see some (or all) of these signs:

Your cat dictates play times

You play when your cat sends signs that he wants to play, and you stop when he wanders off or pushes you away. He calls the shots. If you are petting him and he is purring away, you may think that all is well, but the instant your cat is done with the attention, you will find that your cat nips at the very hand that was petting him. When he is ready to play, he will stalk you and jump out to engage you in his idea of play. But you are unable to interest him if he is not in the mood. Yep, he calls the shots.

You celebrate your cat’s birthday

You pay attention to your cat’s birthday, just as you would for a family member. You may celebrate with special treats, with toys for presents, and maybe even a small party.

Your cat decides when it’s time to eat

Your cat lets you know when he wants to eat, and not only are you aware of his signals, but you actually comply with them, no matter the time! You may want to sleep in on the weekend, but if your cat decides that breakfast is at 6AM, then that is what you do. You may have tried to deter your cat from his schedule, but he is persistent and will give you no peace until you give in and accommodate his wants.

You find cat hair everywhere

Cat hair is now an accessory. When you own a cat, you find cat hair everywhere. You expect it on the cat bed and maybe even your clothing, but that is really just the beginning. You will find it in your food, your purse, basically everywhere you can imagine. You have been marked as owned by your cat.

The Cat Eats What the Cat Wants to Eat

You know you belong to a cat when you try to tempt your sweetie’s appetite with a variety of cat foods. You may have tried every brand in the store, and even tuna and other traditional “people foods”. Have you even warmed up your cat’s food? Have you observed him turn up his nose at one food and then offered a different one? Yep, he is running the home.

Your cat has more toys than you did as a child.

You have supplied your kitty with all sorts of cat toys. Squeaky balls, toy mice, catnip laced toys, strings and anything else that strikes his fancy is fair game for being added to his toy box. He may only play with them once or twice, but that won’t stop you from buying all sorts of different toys so you can enjoy watching his shenanigans.

Your phone is full of cat photos

You have more photos of your cat on your phone than you do of any of the people in your life. Take a look what is stored in the memory on your phone, see what percentage of those photos are concerned with or of your cat, and how many are other things. Enough said.

You given up telling him that he can’t just sit anywhere he wants

When you need to do a mundane household task, you select your task based upon what may inconvenience your cat. After all, if he is sleeping in a sunny spot on the floor, you certainly won’t want to try to sweep the floor at that time. If he is sleeping in the chair you use for working on your computer, well, sitting down there will not work. Did you want to pick up that dirty laundry on the floor? Sounds good, except the cat is curled up on it. Laundry will have to wait for a while. Yep, you belong to your cat and he is running the show.

You have water dishes or cups of water in multiple rooms in the house

Have you placed bowls of food and water in several places in the house, just so your kitty won’t have to go so far to take a sip or a nibble? After all, why should he have to go all the way to the kitchen to have a snack? Does your cat go for your water glass? Do you let him drink out of it? If so, you are definitely owned by your cat.

You seriously consider buying pet cams

And finally, have you ever wondered what your cat does while you are gone? You may suspect that he just sleeps on the couch, but does the unknown torment you? Have you considered some sort of camera system so you can spy on your cat while you are gone?

As most cat owners come to realize, our cats are not really our pets, nor do they belong to us. Nope, we belong to them. It isn’t even worth discussing. It is just a fact of life if you live with a cat. You are his servant and he owns you.


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