We all have heard of the wonders search and rescue dogs can do, the help that assistance dogs can provide, the life saving abilities of dogs that alert to medical conditions. Special dogs are known to be able to perform complex tasks such as opening the refrigerator and retrieving something, answering the phone, and even some amounts of shopping. As you gaze now at your furry friend, you cannot help but wonder if perhaps there is an amazing untapped potential in your hound. Certainly you can train your dog to find things, and respond to simple words with just ten minutes of training a day.

1Give a Kiss

Most dog owners are very familiar with a dog’s interest in licking their face, but the liquid love in that is generally not desired and avoided. It is possible to get a kiss without the saliva with these techniques:
Pick a command word. The word “kiss” is just fine.
While holding a treat reward near your face, give the command word. Immediately turn your cheek to your dog. Allow him to touch his nose to your cheek.
As soon as you feel the nose, pull your face away to avoid the lick that is surely coming, and offer the treat and a verbal reward.
Doing this repeatedly and with rapid removing of your face before the lick, your dog will begin to understand that the desired behavior is a gentle press of his nose to your cheek in a “kiss”.
To generalize the learning, train him to give others kisses on command. However the difference is that you are giving him the command by saying the command word while pointing to the desired person. At first he may be confused, so having that person have the treat ready as a reward will help him make the connection with what you want him to do.



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