We all have heard of the wonders search and rescue dogs can do, the help that assistance dogs can provide, the life saving abilities of dogs that alert to medical conditions. Special dogs are known to be able to perform complex tasks such as opening the refrigerator and retrieving something, answering the phone, and even some amounts of shopping. As you gaze now at your furry friend, you cannot help but wonder if perhaps there is an amazing untapped potential in your hound. Certainly you can train your dog to find things, and respond to simple words with just ten minutes of training a day.

2Pretty Sit

You probably have already taught your dog to sit as basic obedience, but here is an adaptation of that for fun! When you ask your dog to do this, you get some really cute poses! You will want to consider your dog’s overall health before you start training this, as it really engages and builds core muscles as well as improving balance, but can be stressful for dogs with other health conditions.


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