Any dog owner knows that their precious pooch is as much a member of the family as their spouse or children. It’s easy to show our dogs how much we care for them by doting on them with their favorite treats and special toys, and we all know that our dogs appreciate the gestures! But, how can a dog return the favor? How is it possible to see if they care about us as much as we love them? Frankly, without any obvious affirmation, taking care of our pets can seem like a one way relationship.

However, there is plenty of evidence that dogs are just as much in love with their owners as we are with them. Your dog isn’t going to show affection to you in a human way, but instead will do so through his own subtle doggy style. In this article, we will go through the ten ways you can tell that your dog is actually crazy about you. By breaking the code of your dog’s love language, you will have proof that your dog really does care about you, even if you can’t always tell from the outside.

2Post-Dinner Snuggling

Dogs love to cuddle after they finish their meals, so if your dog snuggles right up to you that’s a good sign he loves you. All dog lovers know their pets find food to be a big encouragement for any good behavior, but recent research has shown that what a dog is drawn to AFTER his meal indicates what he really cares about the most.

Yes, your dog will probably be more focused on relieving himself after eating than snuggling with you, but once he’s done watch him for a few minutes and see what catches his attention first. If it’s you, you know that he’s in love with you.


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