12 Freelancing Gigs You Need To Promote Your Music


With each passing month, SoundCloud becomes more competitive than ever. There is a myriad of different artists all vying for the same limited spotlight. Just having good music won’t cut anymore for getting online exposure. It’s important to everything in your power to make that happen.

Your music at the end of the day is your livelihood and is an investment like any other. As such, it requires research and for you to use the tools that you have at your disposal. At the same time, one of the biggest things you can do is learn to use cheaper means of competing with your contemporaries that have a much higher budget.

1. Using Podcasts To Your Advantage

“I Will Promote And Play Your Song To Thousands Of Radio Listeners And Music Lovers” – dtongsports (2k+ reviews) – 

A podcast promoter that cares about his work runs this service. It’s one of the more unique in that it’s a sports podcast that is extremely popular but plays music as well. It’s a kind of half radio show so the exposure is invaluable and the best part is, if he likes your music, he will play it for free later.

2. Get Your Music In Front Of The Right People

“I Will Promote Your Music On Billboard Musik Official Site”rockgardenlosan (300+ reviews) – 

This is run by one of the biggest music blogs on Fiverr. It’s one of the options for getting more exposure to pad your media kit, but it also has enough traffic as a tastemaker that it will work out for those just trying to get more traffic to their music in general.

3. Interview & Print

“I Will Review, Publish And Promote Your Music Online, In Print And On Radio”jammer2 (1k+ reviews)

If you are considering putting together a press package and want to test how good your stuff is, then this gig is a great choice. It allows you to get yourself printed in a magazine as well as a potential feature and interview as well as radio play. Every step goes a long way and being able to add this to your media press kit will help with booking shows and venues.

4. The Twitter Marketing Gig

“I Will Do Music Promotion To 1 Million Fans On My Social Network”twittmarketing (1k+ reviews)

Hands down the best for social media marketing promotion. This gig uses Twitter as its prominent force. Its an influencer account that helps to peddle your music to a diverse range of music lovers around the world as well as the vast number of A&R and label people that follow them. It is a good way to get your foot in the door or to see how your music plays out on a grander stage.

5. Youtube Promo

“I Will Do Viral Youtube Music Video Promotion”shezza221bb (300+ reviews)

Another great service but this one is focused on helping you promote your music video. If you understand the power of visual media, you understand the importance to ensure it gets engagement early on. This one is specifically for youtube and is a great way to increase the attention any new visual release gets so that it doesn’t disappear into the weird part of Youtube.

6. DJs Still Matter

“I Will Promote Your Music To Thousands Of Djs, Radio Stations” – greenhitz (300+ reviews) –  

It’s important to get your music in the right hands beyond just the people that make you money. This gig is essential because it exposes you to the pool of DJs that spin music globally. It’s one of the easiest ways to get your music spinning in clubs, radios, and bars. It’ll help holistically improve your overall presence, and at the least, it’ll provide some great feedback.

7. The Triple Threat

“I Will Do Massive Music Promotion”shezza221bb  (300+ reviews)  –

SEO is going to matter more and more for music makers as time goes on. This gig helps by handling the direct social media promo as well as the SEO backend so that you can take advantage of Google’s traffic as well as their massive Facebook presence.

8. An Extra DJ Gig Never Hurt

“I Will Submit Music To 5000 Radio Djs Worldwide” – imastercopy (40+ reviews) –  

This one is similar to the other DJ gig for Fiverr, but it has as much as 5000 DJs all wanting to play your music. So, if you decide to do this one as well, you’ll have your bases covered.

9. The “Atlanta Approach”

“I Will Pass Your Music To Someone At Major Record Label Get Help”tvandcereal (400+ reviews) –  

If you’ve ever seen the show Atlanta, you understand the power of getting just one chance to get music in the right hands. If you want to get your music into the hands of a high-level music executive, this is your chance. All it takes is one opportunity, so I recommend using your best track.

10. The Fifteen Million Merit

“I Will Do Real Music Promotion To 15million People” –  kingland  (1k+ reviews)Bangladesh

This one boosts your music considerably by allowing up to 15 million people to get the chance to experience it. They don’t use any bots or any other automated system for faking views that many other gigs have. This one is the real deal and can bring a considerable amount of eyes and ears to your page. It’s a solid choice and has a fast turn around time.

11. The Social Network Approach

“I Will Promote Your Music, Soundclouds, Youtube” – jack91 (700+ reviews)

Another option that focuses on the natural approach is this gig. The provider shares your music in a series of music groups on Facebook for avid listeners that want to find something new and inspiring to sink their teeth into. No matter your genre, they can probably find something that works for you.

12. The Indie Darling

“I Will Send One Song To 500 Indie Blogs And Labels”manconemusic (1k+ reviews)

Hitting the Indie circuit is important. Many of the best bands and artists started out by getting coverage on Indie blogs. If you want to get your music in front of as many loyal indie listeners as possible, this is your chance. This gig sends your music to as many as 500 indie blogs.

To Wrap Things Up

As powerful as it is to use one or two of these, each is essential for building a comprehensive music marketing plan. If you want your music to be taken seriously on a global scale, promoting your music locally won’t be enough. Take a chance and use a few of these to test the waters, but the more you try, the more you will learn about what you need to adjust to make your dreams come true.


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