Most dog owners have been known to share “people food” with their pooches. After all, they are excellent at begging and pulling on our heart strings. What’s the hurt? Well, other than reinforcing the negative behavior of begging, there are some very real health risks for your pet with certain foods. Some can really hurt them or even kill them.

Increase your knowledge so you know how to protect your dog from inadvertent harm. Here is a list of foods that you will want to know about. Don’t panic if you have given one of these to your pooch at one time or another, as the effects can vary depending upon your dog’s size, breed and other unique characteristics.


These seem like they should be a harmless snack, and some sources often will even talk about using them as treats. However, there is a toxin that is present in grapes, and hence also in raisins, that can attack the kidneys and liver of dogs. It can cause severe liver damage, and even kidney failure. It doesn’t take much, just a small bit to affect your dog’s organs. The reaction you would see in a dog affected by this is: vomiting, particularly repeated vomiting, then in the next day or so, lethargy and depression as the organ failure progresses.


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