What do you do with the eggshells that are left over after you eat the delicious eggs?

We all know that eggs are excellent sources of protein, minerals and vitamins, and are often touted as high on the list of most nutritious foods. A trillion egg are consumed each year, each person eating on average 150 or more eggs during that time period! That makes a lot of eggshells left after the meal.

Most people generally toss the eggshells, right into the garbage. With eggshells being an excellent source of calcium carbonate, as well as a binder of protien, they make a wonderful source of calcium. An eggshell is ninety six percent calcium. The commercial sector makes use of them for fertilizer, calcium boosters in animal feed, among a few other things. For the home gardener, eggshells are a wonderful resource. Take a look at these ideas:

2Seed-starter Pots

photo via: http://lilliedale.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/easy-spring-gifts.html

Another way to add the calcium and minerals to seedlings is to use the shells themselves as seed starting pots. Try to only break one end of the egg, then clean out the shells and boil for 10 minutes to sterilize them. Then poke a small hole in the bottom so water can escape from your mini-pot. Go ahead and use your egg carton to hold the shells, add soil to the eggshells and plant your seeds! Because the eggshells are biodegradeable, you can place the shell with the seedling right into the ground, transplant it right as it is.


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