Winter is upon us. While you may give your cat outdoor time in nice weather, in colder weather you will want to avoid it. In order to keep your cat content, you will want to give him things that will increase his fun inside. Cats love to hunt, real or pretend, and search out opportunities for exercise and fun. Take a look at these ideas for encouraging your kitty-happiness inside, rather than outside in the cold.

1Take a Walk

We often think about taking dogs for a walk, but did you know that you can take your cat for a walk? You will want to think about where you want to walk, to avoid hazards or loose dogs, and what kind of leash and harness you want for your cat. It takes time for a cat to get used to being on a harness, so work on training with it. You can even tether your cat near you while you are spending time outside, just to give him more outside lounging time.



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