Winter is upon us. While you may give your cat outdoor time in nice weather, in colder weather you will want to avoid it. In order to keep your cat content, you will want to give him things that will increase his fun inside. Cats love to hunt, real or pretend, and search out opportunities for exercise and fun. Take a look at these ideas for encouraging your kitty-happiness inside, rather than outside in the cold.

2A Safe Patio to Play In

When your cat plays outside, you are always on the lookout for predators, or for keeping him from wandering off. You also need to be aware of chemicals that may be used on the lawn, plants that he shouldn’t chew on due to a toxic risk, or even moving vehicles or other objects that could hurt him.

If you want to consider an outside safe place to play, you will want to have a secure fence so he cannot wander off. Or you could make him his own outside place, a screened in patio for him to play in, where he is contained but has the space and airflow of outside without the risks.


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