You love your dog and you give him the best. The best food, the time and attention that he desires, and exercise chasing balls. You work to provide him with all he needs. However, you may be missing some key things that will help him to live a longer, more fulfilling life. We all get busy, and sometimes our busy-ness gets in the way of our intentions of raising a healthy dog. Here are 7 most common mistakes that dog parents make:

1Letting Him Gain Too Much Weight

Obesity is not just a challenge for humans, but for our dogs as well. We may not realize that our dog is overweight and so may not act on it. 53% of dogs were determined to be overweight by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, while nearly all of the owners did not recognize that their dogs were overweight, instead believing that their dog’s weight was normal. Our dogs can easily gain unintentional weight when we give them food that they do not process as we do. Where one ounce of cheddar cheese is considered a very small snack to a human, when your dog eats it, it is comprable to the consumption of more than one hamburger, or three chocolate candy bars.

A way to help your dog live a longer life is to not give your dog people food, as it isn’t good for him, and to keep an eye on his dog food consumption. Keep your dog moving, whether obese or not, by using your creativity, even if it means just simple laps around the house or inside the house in bad weather. The concept of exercise is the same for him as it is for you, get moving.



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