You love your dog and you give him the best. The best food, the time and attention that he desires, and exercise chasing balls. You work to provide him with all he needs. However, you may be missing some key things that will help him to live a longer, more fulfilling life. We all get busy, and sometimes our busy-ness gets in the way of our intentions of raising a healthy dog. Here are 7 most common mistakes that dog parents make:

2Not Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth Health

Your dog develops plaque on is teeth just as you do, and because of this is at risk of periodontal disease. When the food and bacteria is not removed from the gum line, plaque is formed which leads to gum disease. Not only does this affect your dog’s oral cavity and food consumption, but it also can bring about other health issues that may seem unrelated, such as kidney infection, and heart valve problems.

So, to help your dog, you will want to brush his teeth just as you do your own. Brushing your dog’s teeth may be challenging at first, but it is well worth it, and there are even products that will help you. There is a product called a finger brush that simplifies the process, there are chew toys designed to help to clean your dog’s teeth, and there are even things you can place in your dog’s water that will help to keep his mouth and teeth in better health. It is recommended that you take your dog to the vet to have his teeth cleaned professionally at least once a year to increase his oral health.


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