8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates


It’s surprising that dogs are known as “man’s best friend”, in spite of all we do to drive them crazy. Consider the following eight things humans do that might cause dogs to rebel to against their owners someday:

1Not Letting Him Smell and Explore Things During a Walk

Liken a dog’s nose to a person’s eye. A dog’s sense of smell lets them interpret the world, no differently than our vision does for us. Dogs appreciate the smell of grass the way we find beauty in the sunset. They only get to go out for a short duration each day, so every minute of the walk you take them on is precious. They look forward to experiencing the world, and taking that away from them right after they poop or pee is just plain mean.

Make your dog’s walk memorable by not rushing them. Let them smell whatever they want during their walk. Let their nose take everything in. How would you like it if you never got to see the sun shining, or a rainbow, or a flock of birds flying away? Give your dog new things to smell by letting them explore new areas. You don’t have to spend all day pampering them – a few minutes to a dog is like an hour for us. Stimulate your dog’s senses and let them experience the beauty of life.



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