Cheapest Way to Get Your Text Proofread By Professionals


Let’s face it. Your content isn’t getting the results you want. While your ideas might be high caliber, no one is going to read them unless you can present them in the right way. In other words, if you want your writing to stand out, you need to pay someone to help you improve it.

Why not just use a grammar checker? These days, it’s popular to depend on grammar checker software on your computer, such as Grammarly, to proofread your work. To be frank, it’s not as helpful as you think. While grammar software can catch the most significant problems with your writing work, it lacks the subtly and nuance that a human editor brings to it. Software can’t tell you that your argument isn’t well supported, or that your sentences are losing the reader halfway through. All software can do, in fact, is check for typos and keep you in the right case (and often it doesn’t even do that flawlessly).

Forget the software. If you care about getting your writing read, you need to hire a human proofreader to do it for you. Check out our choice of the 4 proofreading gigs on Fiverr.

Our Choice: 4 Noteworthy Proofreading/Copy Editing Freelance Gigs on Fiverr. 
Ready to hire a Fiverr proofreader but unsure where to start? These four freelancers are some of the top-ranked editors on Fiverr, and their histories of happy customers should prove to you that you will also be satisfied with their work.

Mrproofreader: This top-ranked proofreader will edit 1,000 words for just $5, and up to 10,000 for $50. You’ll get comprehensive proofreading and edit suggestions back within 24 hours.

Ccutting: 4,000 positive reviews reveal that ccutting provides editing that her customers appreciate. She describes herself as a professional editor and proofreader with more than 12 years of experience editing everything from college coursework to technical documents and ebooks. Depending on the package you order from her, you will pay between $5-30 for 1000 words.

Revlac: This freelancer wants your work to succeed, and he offers packages to make it happen. Up to 10,000 words can be edited within 24 hours for just $45, making his price and quality hard to beat.

Kaiser794: Do you want the chance to request different edits after seeing your revisions? Kaiser794 provides a free revision request with every purchase and has the positive reviews to show he’s successful.

Don’t drain yourself doing your own editing; hire a Fiverr proofreader to do it for you! Fast work, low prices, and quality content: the choice could not be easier.

Are you looking for the cheapest proofreading services? If so, you may want to check out this list that has them all. Use this as guide when you need proofreading service for your content, essay or research paper. Let’s start.

15 Most Popular Proofreading Gigs on Fiverr

 NameRate per word
(basic gig)
Delivery time
(basic gig)
Gig detailsExtra gigs

3.5k+ Reviews
1000 words/$57 DaysProofread and edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation rewriting, 12h delivery, feedback

7.5k+ Reviews
1000 words/$51 DayTechnical assistance and guidance with regards to spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence flow

1.9k+ Reviews
1000 words/$5 4 Daysproofreading for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax in-depth editing, which involves improving readability, offering suggestions and restructuring when necessary;
24h delivery

1.9k+ Reviews
3000 words/$53 DaysProofreading edits for grammar & punctuation, spelling mistakes, syntax errors, readability, paraphrasing for poor sentence structure, repetition, paragraph issues, passive sentences
MS Word Track Changes

2k+ Reviews
1500 words/$55 DaysProofreading and editing for grammar, style, and organization

1.9k+ Reviews
500 words/$51 DayProofread and copy edit. Correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and repetition - American or UK English; checking facts, re-phrasing and correcting the text in order to make it flow smoothly and professionally;Microsoft Word's Track Changes

1.3k+ Reviews
5000 words/$51 DayEditing, punctuation, grammar, spelling, repetitiveness removal, restructuring/improving readability & sentence fluency; Microsoft Track Changes

2.3k+ Reviews
1000 words/$53 Daysproofreading for spelling, punctuation and grammar. providing feedback on how you can improve your writing. rewriting, improving style and flow, 24h delivery

500+ Reviews
500 words/$53 DaysIn-Depth Editing, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, word choice, and tense. Suggestions to improve readability (flow, redundancy, etc.) and feedback on the writing/content.

2.9k+ Reviews
2500 words/$53 Daysedit, proofread, check grammar, fix awkward sentences and rewrite 24h delivery

2.2k+ Reviews
1500 words/$51 DayProofreading and editing service includes: capitalization, spelling, hyphenation, abbreviations, punctuation, numbers, grammar, syntax, usage.

1.1k+ Reviews
500 words/$52 DaysHelp with spelling, grammar, sentence structure, organization, or other elements of good, clear writing. Includes track changes and comments.

1.7k+ Reviews
1500 words/$53 DaysChecking for punctuation, grammar, spelling (US or UK as required), reading flow, improved sentence structure, friendly and fast customer service
Formatting & layout
Fact checking, Critique & Analysis

2.2k+ Reviews
1000 words/$51 DayProfessionally edit and proofread your document. I fix and perfect spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, readability, clarity & flow, incorrect word usage, poor sentence structure, tense inaccuracies

1.1k+ Reviews
1000 words/$5 3 Dayscopy edit your document, which means I clean up the mechanics of your text: spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure Rewriting, Critique

Choosing the Best Freelancer for Your Project

Thanks to freelancing websites like Fiverr, hiring a proofreader could not be easier. This freelancing platform allows you to connect with expert writers and editors from around the world and commission help from them for your articles.

Throughout the site, you can look through the profiles of different freelancers to determine who is best for your job. There are a wide variety of factors to consider when looking through potential freelancers, like their areas of expertise, Fiverr ranking (a score from one to five) availability, and, of course, price.

If you find a freelancer you are interested in hiring as a proofreader, be sure to look carefully at their specifications to see what you get for the price. Gigs on Fiver differ when it comes to depth of text correction, as some just mark spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors while others also offer to rewrite awkward sentences to improve flow and style. Some will provide feedback on the text, suggestions to improve it, and even fact-checking. Sometimes these services are an extra fee, so be sure to read carefully before you commit.

When working with a freelancer, some will require that you provide text to them in particular file formats. Likewise, the final product you receive can differ depending on the gig. Sometimes a file with the newly edited version is standard, but other times you might get a ‘tracked changes’ document instead. Be sure to talk about these details with your freelancer before beginning to cut out any confusion, and keep in mind that most things can be customized. For example, the max word count can often be extended and delivery time shortened for an additional fee.


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