Giving tidbits or special treats to your cat seems to be a way to let him know how much you love him. But not all people foods or tidbits are good for your cat, and some are even poisonous. These are common foods that you should NOT share with kitty.

1Tuna fish

While most cats clamor for tuna when you get it out, eating it regularly will not supply all the nutrition your cat needs. As a treat, it will be appreciated, but it should not be a foundation of your cat’s diet. As humans have discovered, tuna also contains mercury, which we have been advised to take in moderation to avoid mercury poisoning. The same goes for your cat, who has a much smaller body size than you do. Even reconsider when you leave a can of tuna open on your counter as you prepare meals. The delectable smell will be sure to call to your cat, and well, we all know how creative a cat can be when trying to get to their favorite things!



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