Giving tidbits or special treats to your cat seems to be a way to let him know how much you love him. But not all people foods or tidbits are good for your cat, and some are even poisonous. These are common foods that you should NOT share with kitty.

2Onion, and other seasonings in the onion family

Not only should you beware of onions, but garlic and chives are also in the onion family and can be unpleasant for him. All kinds of onions affect your cat’s red blood cells, actually can break down the cells so you cat becomes anemic! No powdered onions, no onions – raw, dried or even cooked – for the kitty in your life. Just a small amount can negatively affect your cat. Even an ounce is too much, as small as that sounds. Did you know that baby foods can contain onion powder? Be sure to check all ingredient lists before you share foods with kitty, no matter how small it may seem. The first sign that your cat has been affected is tummy upset, and while that may be as simple as it is with your cat’s exposure, it can become worse, so be wise and avoid these.


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