Dog DNA Test Kits: Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Pooch’s Ancestry


Why You Need to Get Your Dog a DNA Test?

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the real pedigree of your “pure bred” poodle? Do you question the genetic heritage of your odd looking mutt? The time has come to put your questions to rest. As it turns out, the modern breakthroughs in genetic sequencing have made it simple to learn more about the origins of your dog than you ever thought possible. A simple swab of cheek cells is all it takes to unveil the hidden heritage of just about any dog breed.

Not only can you learn who the parents and grandparents of your puppy were, you can also find out if your furry friend is susceptible to specific genetic diseases. This make it easier for your vet to provide proper care for your pet, and it can also be potentially lifesaving if you uncover a rare allergy to specific medications.

The wide variety of dog DNA tests on the market today are cheaper than ever and provide you with more information to help you make the right choices for your pet. Whether you choose to invest in a test to learn about your puppy’s parents or his predisposition to hip dysplasia, a dog DNA test is sure to be a treasure trove of information for the whole family to enjoy.

How DNA Tests Work

The process of using a DNA test couldn’t be simpler. Most companies will send you full instructions as well as all the materials necessary to take a saliva swab from the cheek of your dog. Once you get an uncontaminated sample, you simple send it in the mail through a prepaid envelope where the DNA from the cheek cells gets analyzed by a lab.

In a matter of weeks, you will be mailed back a full report of your pet’s genetic heritage as well as plenty of other materials that can vary by brand, but often include memberships to websites and certificates of authenticity. Because these pets have an accuracy rating well over 98%, you can be sure to trust the results you get, even if your eyes can hardly believe them!

Read below about two of the most popular dog DNA at-home test kits, Embark and Wisdom Panel.

Embark Identification Results Genetic Markers

If you’re ready to learn more than you ever thought possible about your dog, it’s time to turn to the Embark Identification Results test. Over 200,00 genetic markers are tested for breed identification of 150 dog breeds, and the test goes through 100 times more of your pet’s genes than any comparable test.

You’ll learn about your pet’s ancestry all the way back to their great grandparents and even get an understanding of over 160 different genetic diseases that your pet might be at risk for. Numerous customers have used this test to find out that their dog had a rare disease that made them overly sensitive to conventional medications, meaning that learning the results from the Embark Dog DNA Test actually saved the lives of their dog.

All it takes is a simple swab and a between six and eight weeks time to learn every detail about your pet’s heritage. You’ll learn more about the reasons behind your pet’s behavior than you thought possible from a genetics test, and Embark will continuously update you on your results as their research base improves.

The results of your dog’s test will come to you as a family tree, vet report (to explain any genetic abnormalities that might compromise health) and unequaled customer support to answer any questions you might have. The Embark website is praised for being extremely user friendly, making it easy for you to look up additional information on your pet all on your own.

You can learn more about your pet’s genetic heritage than could ever be guessed at, which has the potential to extend the life of your pet and save you thousands in vet bills. If you want quality results conducted by experts, Embark is the company for you. Check details on Amazon»

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Identification

For those that don’t to be left with any questions about the breeding of their pet, the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Identification test can’t be beat. With an extensive database with over 250 breeds, this test provides you with the most comprehensive dog breed results of any DNA test in the world. Over 99% of all breeds and variations as recognized by the American Kennel Club are represented in this test, ensuring your dog will be placed within its true family tree. You’ll learn the history behind your dog’s ancestry down to the great grandparents, making it simple to understand where peculiar traits truly come from. Best of all, the Mars Veterinary Wisdom is also the only test in the US that offers testing for MDR1 drug sensitivity, a screening that can be potentially life saving for your pet.

A small swab of canine saliva is all it takes to get this test ready to go, and you’ll be sure to get your full results in only 2-3 weeks time. This test also provides the benefit of weight predictions, making it easy to know how to adjust your puppy’s diet to help him achieve the size he was designed for.

Ordering Wisdom Panel is all you need to spend to silence any questions you have about the heritage of your family pet. Your package of information comes with a breed ancestry tree that breaks down three generations of lineage, providing percentages to give you the full story. You’ll also get recommendations for veterinary care specific to your dog’s genetic makeup, and an ancestry certificate that can be framed with pride. Check details on Amazon»


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