Eat House: A Dutch Living Walls House

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If you have done much reading about gardening, you likely have come across the newest hot topic: vertical gardening. The concept is about using less space to provide more food in your garden, and to even lighten your work load. There are many articles and personal stories available that describe different ways to vertical garden. Here is another, more unusual idea, from to investigate!

When you hear the words Eat House, what pops to mind? Gingerbread houses for holidays, certainly, and maybe even children’s toys. But, instead, this is a concept made real by Marijke Bruinsma, Marjan van Capelle, and Arhen de Groot of De Stuurlui Stedenbouw and Atelier GRAS. A truly edible house concept had grown into reality by this team.

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Plastic crates are used to plant fruits and vegetables for this modular home, which is then made to the house outline, by placing the crates on in the desired shape. The crates are excellent growing flats, and the plants grown on the exterior of the Eat House. Produce can easily be harvested as mature by inhabitants of this home. The Eat House is a mobile concept, growing in place during the summer, taken down after the growing season and ready to go in any desired spot the next year.

Current trends focus on intensive farming strategies, and this technique brings the gardens literally to the entire house and not just the garden. In an environment where it is beneficial to encourage people to be more self sufficient and consuming more whole foods, this concept brings it literally directly to hand for the gardener to enjoy, and may be the newest trend to draw in more growing of fresh foods.


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