Heat Up Your Home with Solar Energy Using Gorgeous Glass Roof Tiles


The Swedish company, SolTech Energy, is known for providing pure solar power energy solutions. They have now created a special residential heating system confined inside of transparent glass roofing tiles. The beautiful home-warming tiles provide roofs with a gorgeous, ice-like look that we’ve never quite seen before.

At the North Building Fair, the SolTech Energy System was voted “Hottest New Material of the Year” in 2009. The business was bestowed with a gold medal from Nordbygg.

Why is the system so unique and deserving of such an accolade? To start with, the tiles are manufactured with regular glass, and weigh the same as clay tiles. Unlike the ones competitors offer, the system does not heat up vacuum pipes or water. The tiles are set up above a nylon black canvas, and air channels are fastened underneath them. Once the black color absorbs warmth from the sun, clean air begins to disperse.

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