Heat Up Your Home with Solar Energy Using Gorgeous Glass Roof Tiles



It would be most prudent to use a water-based heating system with an accumulation tank inside of an established home. However, the system is intended to be unified with both water and air-based systems, such as an air heat pump, ground source heat pump, electric boiler or pellet boiler. The only necessity is a central heating system.


If your roof isn’t equipped for such tiles, SolTech Energy can provide you with glass wall panels that are able to be customized for any individual house. The declined angle of sunlight rays will substantially lower your utility bills during the winter.


The SolTech Energy System produces approximately 350 kWh of heat for every square meter, which is contingent on the way the roof is angled, the weather, and direction of the cardinal.

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Visit SolTech Energy’s website for more technical information.


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