Japanese Maple Tree In Your Garden


japanese maple tree in portland

In the season of autumn, the Japanese maple is the incredibly beautiful. Compared to other plants and trees, the Japanese maple is surpassing all in beauty and strength. As an individual representation of a tree, the maple is stuns with the brilliant foliage colors of crimson, orange, or gold along the base. Standing singular within a garden, the maple is grand representation of beauty and color with the foliage remaining intact for weeks. Even the garden floor will shimmer in beauty when leaves fall into a colorful pile beneath the tree.

photo credit: doug_wertman via flickr
photo credit: doug_wertman via flickr

Many prefer to use the Japanese maple as an accent to a garden border due to the colorful showing of leaves. The maple brings one’s eyes up to the top of the tree to view the incredible color of the tree’s canopy. Often time the season of autumn can be grey and dull. The Japanese maple tree brings life and color to any open space. When this tree is planted and grown along a walkway, the leaves of the tree present much like a color ribbon that highlights the border of a driveway, sidewalk, or street.

Shishigashira Japanese Maple Via:http://www.monrovia.com/
Shishigashira Japanese Maple

Japanese maple trees come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many trees are small and resemble a bonsai tree. The maple can also be small enough to be raised within a container rather than in a large garden or in a large space. The colors of the large trees are sought after and beautiful, just as the small trees are in their offering of color. The color on a small tree is just as exquisite as on a full height version of Japanese maple. Whether small or large, the Japanese maple is extremely delicate, yet strong, and present as an elegant tree.


The Japanese maple are prefer to be grown with perennials in the shade but may grown and established with annuals as well. The fall blooming of the tree may extend the life of color in your garden that includes summer plants. Japanese maple trees offer height in their garden presence, and this height may offer plants beneath the base some shade in the warmer months. Planted beneath the tree, the beautiful colored leaves in autumn will protect the plants beneath from the unpredictable elements.

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