9 Freelancing Gigs To Skyrocket Your Etsy Sales


So, you finally decided to take the leap and sell your art or crafts on Etsy. Great! Etsy is a fantastic platform for selling unique products.

However, many people have figured that out and the market for your product’s niche may already be saturated with hundreds or even thousands of other sellers. This would surely make it harder for your store and products to stand out and make a profit.

Good thing there’s another site you can turn to. Using Fiverr, you can outsource tasks like marketing, copy optimization and web design to people who have proven experience and expertise in those tasks.

We chose only gigs listed on the site that beside many positive reviews, offer real value, skills, data or at last hard work that can save you a lot of time. Here are some most promising gigs as for August 2018.

  1. Promotion on Pinterest
  2. Shop Setup
  3. Optimizing SEO tags, niche and keyword resarch
  4. Expert critique
  5. Banner Making to stand out

1. Promotion on Pinterest

Promoting your Etsy store on Pinterest is a great way get free marketing in order to direct a lot of traffic to your site. You can start your own Pinterest business account for your Etsy store but you’d have to spend a lot of time building up a big following.

Starting for as low as $10, Pinterest social influencer, Jessiem would promote one of your products on her board which has 2.2 million followers. Meanwhile, $40 would get five of your links promoted on her board.

You can have two of your products promoted to a  cameronrichards Pinterest account with an audience of over 10 million people starting at just $10. The gig also offers other promotion packages depending on the number of products you’d like to boost.

For $5 tamireinhold will pin and promote one of you product on her Pinterest account with over one million viewers. Delivery usually takes up to three days.

2. Setting up your Etsy shop

Setting up your shop the right way can help your page be found more easily during Etsy searches. This means writing optimized copies for your about, profile and shop description sections. Badly-written copies for your store may not just turn off potential buyers it might also lead to your store not getting exposure.

Using her 10 years worth of experience with Etsy promotion, SEO expert melissaupnorth,  will set up your Etsy shop homepage and about section, make a SEO Etsy shop tagline, a shop announcement and make SEO shop sections for your store for a small fee of $25.

Meanwhile, virtuallyassist can provide a keyword rich title, about page and shop announcement as well as upload your banner and avatar for $45. All of these written to be appealing to potential consumers and keyword friendly to optimize both Etsy and Google searches.

3. Optimizing SEO tags, niche and keyword resarch

Using the best SEO tags for your particular product niche is crucial if you want to be found on the top of the search results and get noticed on Etsy. Ignoring this aspect may lead your listings to be buried deep, unnoticed during search results.

For just $10 and a delivery time of 1-2 days, etsyseotalk would create an SEO report after analyzing your shop, your niche and your competitor shops to let you know which keywords are the easiest to rank on the first page of searches to make your product listings more prominent.

4. Personalized Written Critique of Your Shop

Now that your shop is all set, you might want to do one final look over to see if your page is in top shape. You never know, you might have overlooked some mistakes and other details.

For $25, a successful Etsy seller will look into every detail of your shop to give you constructive criticism to help you improve your store. Fiverr user coachingadvice would look at your stores products, tags, photos, pricing, tagline and more.

5.  Making Your Etsy Banner Or Cover Photo

You banner should perfectly capture the brand you’re going for for your products. Having a poorly-edited banner can turn off potential customers or make you look unprofessional.

Ranging from $5 up to $45, graphic designer bunnytan can make you an Etsy banner. The price difference corresponds to how many revisions you can ask for.

Meanwhile, graphic designer littlechickies could make you a banner using graphics of your own choice for as low as $5 up to $20. Again, the price difference accounts for the number of revisions you can ask for the final banner.


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