A New Year Opportunity To Send Your Music To 5000 Radio Stations


Independent artists are asked to be a one-stop promotion machine. They make their music. They record their music. They then promote their music on social media and through album releases. They tour and try to get the masses to hear their songs on the radio. Getting on the radio, however, can be the trickiest task to accomplish. After all, getting on the radio is one of the prongs on the self-promotion wheel that is out of the artist control.

Getting on the radio is a straight-foward process. Music Directors and Programs listen to a lot of potential songs from artists everywhere and they decide who gets played and how much they get played on the raido. But how do you know your song is being heard? How can you protect yourself from making sure that your song is not being sent into the void and actually heard by people that make decisions.

If you make great music, but you’re struggling to get the radio airplay you deserve, it could be time to hire a radio plugger.

And this is where user Imastercopy from popular freelancing platform Fiverr comes to help. Just for measly $10 you can have your track sended to 5000 radio dj from all over US so you can make your next song heard by the radio people that need to play your music. Radio pluggers act as a mediator between you and the radio stations and usually have a long list of contacts they acquired over many years in the industry. These industry professionals will have an existing relationship with radio tastemakers, giving them more influence and sway when it comes to radio stations, DJs and decision makers.

If a radio promotor is what you need to get your tracks on the air, you can enquire about a radio plugging campaign for your music.

Check out Imastercopy ’s gig here, you can read user reviews and all details.


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