Solar Furnace Built for Under $50


solar furnace

It can be difficult to find an inexpensive way to heat your home, but if you’re determined you can actually implement a solution within a day or two if you’re willing to dig in and build something yourself. There are a number of different options for home heating systems that people can build themselves, but one of the best is a particular type of solar furnace. What makes this furnace so great is that it is eco-friendly. It uses solar power and when you get everything working, you will have enough heat to warm up at least part of your home.

This solar powered furnace can be built right at home and it will easily heat one or two rooms on a sunny day. You won’t spend a penny over $50, which certainly makes this worth a try. A list of the supplies you’ll need is spelled out on the video at the end of this article, along with a tutorial to take you step-by-step through the process.

The video is available on warmpod channel and it features a man building this solar furnace with supplies he bought for under $50. The video shows him using a bit of lumber, a 3X5 ft. sheet of plastic, a couple of windowpanes, a black painted dryer hose, and an ASB pipe. There is a lot more detail shown on the video, so make sure to watch it.

When the sun’s out, a solar furnace can definitely keep one room in your home nice and warm, but if it’s a cloudy day, it probably won’t generate enough heat to keep you warm inside. Although it will not reduce your heating bill that much, it will most likely save you enough on energy costs by the end of winter to pay you back the $50 it cost you to build.

The main benefit of having solar power is that it will come in handy if you lose your power, saving you the trouble of relying on a lot of other heating supplies. Make sure you place it on the south side of the house.

You can watch the video below for detailed instructions.


  1. This could be run into the vents in house foundations to heat the crawl space and floor, would keep pipes from freezing and ease water heater bills, very little alteration would be needed


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