Smartphones have really expanded and changed lives with all the options. People of all ages are now using them and finding themselves very dependent upon the new technology. However, there is also the potential for misuse: your family and even your employees may be using the device in a way you would not appreciate. Luckily, there is a way to protect yourself or others and use monitoring software to be sure that technology is being used as you would prefer. Yes, you may be a bit squeamish about the thought of using spy* software on your loved ones or employees, but read on, you may find that you can change your mind.

* term “spy” is used solely as a short snappy form of “unobtrusive remote monitoring”

What is mSpy?

mSpy is an application that allows you to spy the phones of your kids or employees, and block unwanted actions.  You will need to download it to each device you want monitored, but then you can see so much that is going on with the device: text messages, call history, browser history records, emails, photos, instant messages, GPS information, videos and many more.

What it basically will do is to get the information of all activity on the device, and then it will be sent to your mSpy account wherever you are. It is a good way to keep honest people honest and protect those that you care about.

It is simple to set up, takes only a couple minutes to get installed, and runs unobtrusively for the user, it is in the background so your family and employees will not be bothered by its functioning

It that can be installed not only on your iOS or Android devices, but also on Windows and MacIntosh, and on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. So, you can use it on almost any device you have available.

What Can You Do or See with mSpy?


IM chat history – All instant message conversations, on the apps most commonly used like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Instagram and Viber, can be seen and reviewed by you with the use of mSpy.

Messages – Just as we have seen before, you can read all incoming and outgoing text messages – even after they have been deleted from the device.

Emails – Whether it is the Gmail app or the Mail app for iOS, all emails can be seen at the click of a button.

Call History – Via the program on your computer, you will see all incoming and outgoing calls just as you would on the device with times, dates, duration, etc.

Media – From your online control panel, you will have access to photos and videos of the tracked device.

GPS – Showing on a map, you will see where the device is at all times which can help to keep children safe or ensure that workers are spending the correct amount of time actually working.

Web Activities – As they surf online, you will receive a list of URLs they visit.

Calendar/Address Book – If the user makes an entry into the calendar or address book, you will see this within just a few seconds.

Keylogging – You will get all words and information typed in by the user on Android, iPad and iPhone devices that you have monitored. This is able to get you information on passwords, logins, emails and other messages. This will keep you informed on all things that are being entered.

Blocking – You have the ability to block things that you don’t want used on those devices.

  • Block specific phone numbers so the person using the device cannot get a call from that number, from someone that you don’t want communicated with. This is popular with parents of teenagers as a preventative for inappropriate influences.
  • Websites – You have the ability to block websites that you don’t want used. Perhaps you don’t want employees using Facebook at work, you have the ability to block it. Or if you are concerned about sites that your children might access, you can block those as well.
  • Mobile apps – If you want to keep your children protected, you can control what apps they use. If you deem an app harmful to your child, simply block their access.

Telegram – This is a relatively new feature, which will let you see any information sent via Telegram.

Google Hangouts – This is also new to mSpy. You will be able to see all Google Hangouts messages, deleted or not. Imagine being able to track messages, contact lists, photos and maps, along with all the other identifying information.

Tinder – Tinder Tracker will let you keep an eye on this dating app that is very popular with teens and others now. Unfortunately, it is also a dangerous place, as not all people are using it to meet people with similar interests. There are many instances of bullying, porn and gambling website information. It is a good app to keep an eye on, particularly in regards to your children.

More Special Features

Alert to Uninstall – It is a possiblity that the mSpy app would be deleted, and that would be of concern if you installed it. You will get a message if it is uninstalled as well as letting you backup information, and keep track of data logs.

Invisible Mode – the target doesn’t need a constant reminder of they were being watched, otherwise this whole idea of unobtrusive monitoring would collapse around itself. Therefore, Spy has an option of being completely invisible and not shown to the user of the device. When the app is installed, there will be no icon and there also won’t be notifications to update or anything like this.

Keyword alerting – If someone types something using keywords that you have entered as negative or concerning, you will get an email. This monitors keywords and phrases that are typed into a browser, via instant messaging, emails and texts.

Any Device – Although mSpy can only be installed onto one device, you can change this device if the ‘target’ happens to get a new phone.


Do you need mSpy?

If you have any concerns about the use of devices by your employees or loved ones, then this app is a good way to monitor the use of devices. It is simply a monitoring device, gives you excellent reports such as Keylogger, and you also can get Premium support to increase your options. This is a type of software that will let you keep an eye on what is going on on the devices you have in your control and supervision. Consider economics, and all the features, and you may find that it works for your needs quite well.

Visit the mSpy website for the full list of features and prices»


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