TomTato – Two for One! A plant that produces both potatoes and tomatoes

TomTato – Two for One!

Small space gardening is always coming up with new ideas, but here is a dream that one thought we would never see – a plant that grows potatoes and tomatoes in just one plant! This is not genetic engineering but grafting together of a cherry tomato plant and a white potato plant. UK company Thompson and Morgan has grafted these two at the stem to produce the Tomtato – a truly unique plant that will allow you to grow a large volume of cherry tomatoes while beautiful potatoes are produced underground.

This plant is an annual that can only be purchased as a plant rather than seeds. Hybrids have been attempted for quit some time, but prior to the TomTato, the tomatoes were bland. The TomTato tomatoes have more sugar but have the appropriate acidity needed for the desired flavor. Along with this, the potatoes are as versatile as you would desire for potatoes, able to be cooked and eaten whether roasted, boiled or even for making mashed potatoes.TomTato – Two for One! A plant that produces both potatoes and tomatoes

According to Thompson and Morgan this is the first successful hybrid of it’s kind. New Zealand claims to have a similar hybrid called Potato Tom grown by Incredible Edibles, as reported on BBC.

Regardless, the TomTato is a unique hybrid said to provide a significant output, as you can see in the video here:

Learn more details on the Thompson and Morgan’s website


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