Many people have found a helper in a little robot that helps to vaccuum their floors and now it takes some of the work out of the daily care for their homes. However, if you look out the window, you see all the weeds overtaking your lovely garden. Sigh. If only you had a similar helper for your garden, like the little guy that does your floors inside.

Most gardeners find their time in the garden as a theraputic time. But, the unending fight with weeds can really take the joy out of it. Franklin Robotics has really made strides in this area! They took the idea of the Roomba for the indoors, but they have presented a robot weeder that will spend its time waging war against the weeds that come up. They call it the Tertill.

Imagine a solar-powered robot, one that can withstand water that is present in the outdoors, that will go after those weed villans you are fighting against. Because it is solar-powered, it doesn’t need to be plugged in to charge, and you can program it to roam in your garden, around your plants, taking down the unwanted weeds!

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You have to make sure that the rows are spaced so it can fit between the plants you want growing in your garden. It can work around obstacles. It is activated to cut weeds when it encounters anything higher than the one inch bumper. In order to protect your plants, there are collars that you place around the desired plants to keep them safe and growing until they are taller than an inch. While the Tertill is still in development, it is hopeful that it will be a huge help to gardeners.

In July of 2017, the Kickstarter campaign has garnered enough funds to begin to produce the Tertill. This solor-powered little robot by Franklin Robotics has more than 600 backers and shipment is expected to start Spring 2018. Take a look at the video here to see this lovely little robot in action!


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